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Yacht Video by Rocker Look Videography – Social Event Yacht | San Francisco

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This is the ultimate social event yacht that is affordable and for smaller groups up to 35 passengers
Benefits of the yacht is that :
1) It can dock or harbor legally at any dock and harbor at any location in SF which makes this specific yacht convenient for your party, event and passengers. Very few yachts can legally dock anywhere in the SF or Bay waterfronts and your clients do not have to travel to another city to port a social event yacht. We can Pick up and Depart right from San Francisco.
2) The yacht has an open outdoor platform for socializing on a SF yacht water front or Golden Gate yacht charter tours. It has a spacious deck for mingling and business events.
3) It is an in-between yacht where a legally small sail or motor yacht of 1-35 passenger sail yacht is too small/cramp and the budget for a yacht above 40 passengers is too pricy. This yacht meets the budget typically and yet gives your passengers a social platform for sight seeing, relaxing and taking in the San Francisco Water Front sight seeing views.
4) This yacht can serve alcohol legally. Most yachts cannot do this legally. We can either have open bar or charge per passenger or you can bring your own libations.
5) It has a very open deck for taking in all of the sights.
6 ) Although it is not a very Luxurious yacht, it is modern and clean, in top operating condition, yet offers that social event platform for smaller groups of passengers, where as a small motor or sail yacht is to tight and uncomfortable , very bumpy in San Francisco waters. This yacht offers a wide open platform and you can literally walk around to socialize.
7) Technically It can take up to 40 passengers, although 10-35 passengers is recommended for a nice comfy Bay Tour.
8) It is a very budgeted yacht for the amount of passengers that you can take on the cruise and it is an excellent yacht for social events. We have to mention these 8 items as they are items that are often overlook, but very important in the end of the charter for you passengers to enjoy a complete and full event.

This charter is an exclusive, elegant and private yacht charter departing and arriving from an Embarcadero San Francisco port, Golden Gate bay and water front yacht cruise. This quote is for passengers. Other charter companies require your clients to depart from other cities outside of San Francisco. This does not make sense to us, therefore we pick you up right in San Francisco, No hassles commuting & we believe San Francisco is the choice destination place to host your guest.
The charter includes an experienced local Captain licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. The charter includes a four hour Golden Gate bay SF waterfront yacht cruise along the San Francisco Bay and you can also alter the heading according to your specifications within this tour. Enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge privately for underneath and around Alcatraz, treasure Island, Sausalito or Tiburon. Relax and enjoy your drinks to an amazing part of California’s aquatic splendors and amazing breath taking views.

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