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Model Sarah Morgan – Dangeroux videography San Francisco SF.
by on January 23, 2015 in Blog Models - Modeling Video Portfolio

Model Sarah Morgan – Dangeroux videography San Francisco SF.

SPY MOVIE CONCEPT: is to make a full featured Spy 007/Twighlight vampire inspired type movie composed of a series of sub part video commercials that revolve around a jeans brand marketing campaign. The Movie is put together from smaller sub-part video commercials that are later fit together to create an actual full featured spy movie. So the videos stand alone as commercial branding for the jeans company and at the same time they are part of a larger movie plot. Each video commercial is presented independently as a marketing campaign. As the campaign nears its end, all of the components are fitted together to complete the movie and presented to the Hollywood, Film Festivals and inspired fans.

What does this mean? It means Job Creation for very talented people in America.

Every video is sub-part of a larger video that is actually a full length movie. The saga always continues as the actors evolve within the story line and marketing. We are putting the entertainment in the marketing, yet we are creating a full featured movie that benefits the end user, client & movie goer. The sub stories always keep the audiences involved and entertained waiting for the second part of the movie. This is a grass roots build and one of the main goals is to create a cult like following through main online media sources, such as facebook/groups, twitter, SEO and many other directories in the making of the movie. The movie and sub movies are filmed in a way to attract a larger demographic of followers. In the end The making of THE SPY MOVIE™ simply creates jobs for artistic talent that is waiting idle to work on an amazing marketing campaign. We are creating jobs in America.

The fun part about running this company is creating the Movie behind the marketing campaign. Usually people go to the movies to get the marketing. This is the reverse, the movie is built from the marketing and sales are done. The perk is that in the end you actually get a full blown movie. The movie deals with vampire, M6 type of agents that have xmen abilities with a love, passion and hate story line. It also includes video gaming type of scenes so the movie appeals to the masses. Girls love the shinny vampires. Guys like the girls in the jeans and the 007 appeal. Kids love the the video gaming action of the movie. Adults think the movie is inspiring as there Story line is complex and has life learning lessons. 

Commercial contributers get their products featured in the movies as well. Kinda of what like Michael Meyers did in the movie Austin Powers with the can of Coca Cola.’

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